Saturday, March 31, 2007


A few days ago I down loaded the newest Joss Stone album. My favorite part of the whole thing is this 36 second bit read by actor and Leeds man, Vinnie Jones. I've listened to this portion so many times in the last week, I have it memorized, accent and all.

We face change every day and how we choose to look at it determines the view we have. This blog is about change. It's mostly about being willing to change our attitudes and as a result of that our actions. That starts by being willing to listen to people with views that are different than mine. It means being open to learn from other intelligent adults without the need to ridicule, deride or condemn.

Photographers change lenses in order to more accurately capture the image they see before them. That's what this blog is about, changing lenses.


(Vinnie Jones Intro)

You see I know change
I see change
I embody change
All we do is change
Yeah, I know change
We are born to change
We sometimes regard it as a metaphor
That reflects the way things ought to be
In fact change takes time
It exceeds all expectations
It requires both now and then
See although the players change
The song remains the same
And the truth is
You gotta have the balls to change

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Respect Each Other

There's just one rule on this blog....Respect Each Other.

Respect each other by asking questions, not making accusations.
Respect each other by avoiding name calling and ridicule.
Respect each other by accepting varying methods of expression.
Respect each other by agreeing to be loving instead of being right.
Respect each other by allowing room for minds to change.

Respect me by respecting each other.