Monday, June 1, 2009

On the Road Again!

Leaving for England, Ukraine and Turkey on Weds. for an amazing opportunity that has presented itself.
Some friends from here in town are going over to preach/teach at a conference then do some ministry work in various parts of the country.
Since I have enough points for a free ticket, I thought I'd just go over to England when they did to have some people to pal around with. Also wanted to take the opportunity to meet a young man that's become a friend over the last couple years who is a missionary in Kiev. Thirdly, want to see a dear friend who was like a dad to me when I was younger. He's living in Istanbul which provides the perfect excuse for heading over there.

Looks like while I'm over there's going to be some chances to partner up with some people to be involved in ministry.

Spending 4 days with my friends from here who will be going down to Burnham-on-the-Sea and then over to Wales. Not 100% sure what we'll be doing there, just know I'm "part of the team" though, I'm quite sure how that happened. ;-). This is a pretty spontanteous group, so could be a wild ride.

On June 6th, looks like I'll be headed down to Maidstone near Kent to work at a children's festival. Sounds like great fun!!

Headed over to Kiev on the 12th where there may be yet another chance to work with kids who've just gotten out of school. My friend's group is having a day camp where the kids are taught all kinds of skills including English language skills and he's trying to arrange the chance for me to work there.

In Istanbul I'm hoping to be able to do a little sightseeing and explore the art, music and architecture of that city.

I'm scheduled to be back on the 19th...but to be honest, if the opportunity arises to stay. I'm doing it!

I'll be blogging the trip here for those interested.