Friday, May 25, 2007

Time Out

The last few weeks have been pretty feckin hard! I've been lied about, bullied, ignored, belittled, gossiped about, ridiculed and virtually assaulted. I've lost two friendships I care deeply about because of this crap. Tonight I realized that essentially, I've been emotionally battered by a bunch of people who claim to be loving and righteous because they say they have a relationship with the God of Love.

Well, I'll do without that kind of "love" and "righteousness" thank you very much!

The weird thing is it makes sense in a way because they represent the god I grew up learning about in church. The one that says He loves you and then turns his back on you at the slightest offense and refuses to hear your prayers any more. The god that is content to let people suffer here on earth and in hell for all eternity because, for whatever reason, he decided not to save them through his apparently random "election" process. The one that abandons you if you complain.

Because they were "busted", now they want to talk.

Well, for the next 3 days I'm not talking. I'm indulging in the luxury of taking care of my own bruised ego, bunged up confidence and battered soul .

I'll go back to being strong, loving and compassionate later.

They can wait!


  1. Watch a lot of sports and zero chick flicks. Works for me. Then, there's Martha Stewart. She's like Oprah except with houses, not people.

  2. GT - LOL!
    Actually, I spent all day Sat. with a friend who I've known since Jr. High school. We just goofed around at a fiber arts show for a couple hours looking at quilts, rugs, and baskets. Stuff like that.
    Then we went out to eat and talked for hours and hours. Afterwards, clothes/shoe shopping. Yay!!
    Then, to her house to talk some more. Had green iced tea for the first time (knew you'd want to know that) ;-)
    Today I just slept in and then spent hours and hours messing with a new (to me) photo editing software I discovered. The one I used to put the "soft focus" on that shot of the stairway the other day.
    I lived in Europe for a couple years and have yet to organize the photos I took over there. So, today I planted myself in the chair and sorted through at least 600 photos. Edited a bunch of them into correct folders so they are available for family next week.
    Stuck some out on a web album for later.
    Whitled one folder from 300+ "raw" images to around photos to around 82 "edited" images. Got one GREAT shot and 81 adequate shots. Ok ratio for the little crap digital camera I have I guess. Need to just quit messing around and go buy a new one.
    Sitting there concentrating on the photo stuff gave me some time to listen on line to a friend who's a pastor. He makes me laugh and think at the same time so I like to listen to him.
    Then, I just cranked through music (I have tons) while I edited and edited.
    My eyeballs hurt and my butt is numb but it was a relaxing and creative way to spend the day!

    I did see a few minutes of the Indy 500 race, so I guess that counts huh?

    Still need to try the red chai.


  3. L - You are a great friend - I enjoyed the green iced tea too and the long conversations. I have your Santa Fe Opera guide and need to make reserations. I can't wait. I'll talk to you soon.


  4. Hey L2, glad you were able to post!

    You should check out GTangerine's blog! You'd love it. It's all about tea! Just click on her name and it will take you over there. You post the same way there that you do here. I think you 2 have alot in common and you'll love her blog.

    Only a few more weeks until Opera season! Woo Hoo... ;-)