Thursday, July 19, 2007

Weekend Plans


  1. weekend plans...stand in line at midnight, pick up the Potter, hole up for the weekend & read Harry's last adventure, stack the book alongside the other six. Sweet. It's been a fun ride with rowling's characters. All good things must come to an end.

  2. What ever you do, don't read a newspaper! Those knuckleheads at the NY Times and even more knuckleheads in France are publishing plot details and spoilers. What idiot killjoys!

    Even more reason to avoid the sinister NY Times!

  3. Phil,
    Did you finish this yet?
    What did you think?

    Honestly, not my favorite of the series, but pretty good none the less.

    What'd you think?

  4. Yep, finished it at a more leisurely pace than anticipated, due to very busy schedule...kind of savored it. I liked it overall and found the last third to be well-devised, fast-paced, and not too predictable. It was a bit darker and more violent, but that's to be anticipated. I appreciated that the kids didn't resort to the tactics of their enemies, but used their heads, their relationships, and each other to meet the challenges.