Thursday, August 30, 2007

Theme for the Day

Has nothing to do with this being a love song....It's all about the title and the "feel" of the song. Two things happened today that made this the theme. The one I'm comfortable talking about here is that my printer FINALLY decided to cooperate with me. Shocking!! That machine and I have been at war with each other for weeks now. As of this morning, it was winning. Ah, but today for some reason, it decided to give me a break and printed all my shots for an up coming show most beautifully!! Woooo Hooooo!

So, grap a glass of your favorite wine, sit down in your most comfortable chair and soak in this wonderful song....


  1. LOL... my favourite song.
    I have it on a Northern Exposure soundtrack, and I'm afraid this song gets far more play than the rest.

    Congrats on the printer!! And congrats on your upcoming show!

    I'm going to listen to Etta a few more times... :)

  2. I like that song too. It just seemed so fitting that day! and I'm telling you, that printer hates me ;-) Just happy that it felt in the mood for a little bit of grace and goodwill that day. LOL!!