Saturday, September 22, 2007

Blog Nazis

Is there really ever any reason to kick a polite, well studied and respectful person off a public blog just because they happen to disagree with the majority opinion? I don't think so!
But I saw it again today at a place I used to frequent. It was pretty sad actually. A guy that was respectful, polite and in no way derogatory got banned simply because he wasn't saying the "right things" in the way that the majority of the "ruling party" wanted them said.
They basically got tired of talking to him, claimed what he said was "poison" and banned him. No warning, no "please refrain from speaking about this topic here", nothing.... just a sudden "No blog for You"



  1. Hi L!
    Great pic and tag line!
    No blog for you!
    I saw that too and it is sad.
    No wonder the current generation is leaving traditional christian religion in droves. But then, that's OK because the Kingdom of God (Jesus' pet phrase for God's loving interaction with us humans) is alive and well and flourishing in ways which cannot be measured in Barna polls and subscriptions to Christianity Today.

  2. Hi G!
    I knew you'd find it amusing. ;-)

    Couldn't help it...I just could not get this show out of my mind when I was watching that "episode" over there. LOL!

    You did a great job trying to convince them to change their minds. But, alas, just like Elaine wasn't able to get the soup... ;-)

    Now I can't get the picture of George standing in line, moving perfectly in the right direction at the right time, not doing anything "out of the ordinary" just so he can continue to get the soup. Think there's alot of George's in the world.