Thursday, October 4, 2007

Memory Loss


The other day I posted on someone's blog about the new NBC show "Journeyman". I was on about how the lead actor mumbles so much I can't hardly make out what he's saying. I really wanted to know what the person who's blog I left that note on thought of the mumbling.....but I can't for the life of me remember who the heck's blog that was or how the heck I got to it in the first place.

Dang it!! If only I could travel back in time like on that show! The guy probably told exactly how he did it and I couldn't hear him!! DRAT!

Anyway, if it was your blog and you've found your way over here...could you point me back to where we started??



  1. I don't know that show! But I did try Bottle Caps. They were nice, but I wish I could get a pack of just Root Beer--I'm nitpicky. But then a friend in Boston took me to this candy shop where you can buy scoopfuls of your favorite color M&M, so it's not impossible.
    THx for the recommendation!

  2. You're not nitpicky, you have great taste!! I ALWAYS wanted to just have rootbeer flavored ones. Those are the BEST!

    Hmmmmm, just one colour of M&Ms? I'm not sure I could choose. I like them all (well, except brown and those pastel ones they have at Easter.)

    What colour did you select?