Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Took 3 journals with one of my images over to the coffeeshop today and we put a price of $10.99 on them to see if they'll sell at that price. The shop has the worse set up for sales like this in the world. They use an old, non-working, deli case to display people's wares. That's all well and good...the problem is, they have a huge table sitting right in front of the display case so no one can get over there to see what's for sale. There's also the world's messiest table next to it so that's distracting. There's all kinds of junk (papers, CDs, telephone books) etc sitting on that table...but it's not being used for anything good. It just looks cluttered.

Of course, no matter what any of us tell the owner, he agrees while we're there, and then puts it right back the way it was as soon as we leave. ugggggggh.

Oh well, some day he'll figure it out....

In the meantime, if someone really, really skinny wants to squeeze between the seats and the table to get to the display counter....maybe they'll buy one of my journals!

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