Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wooo Hoooo!

Just got an email from the drum instructor.
We're having a drum session on the 8th!!
Drumming is the best way to get the brain cranking out the ideas!

Can hardly wait!!


  1. what kind of drumming? caffiene usually gives me great ideas, but it comes at the price of disturbingly obscure philosophical ruminations all night long when everyone else is passed out.

  2. Oh yeah!LOL! I do that too...only I don't need caffiene.

    It's african drumming. We were having weekly lessons for the last 4 months or so, but the instructor moved to another town about 4 hours away. He's going to be in town for 2 weeks and just sent us all a note saying he wanted to get together and play at least once while he's here.
    For some reason, I really connected with the whole drumming experience. It's more than just playing music again, it's the communal nature of this particular group of folks I think.
    Drumming is a language and it's viseral.
    You should try it sometime GT, I have a feeling you'd like it.

    It's something like this but without the singing (try and blog it out and just listen to the drums). Plus, that little kid can play about 15x better than I. ;-)


  3. ah, African drumming is cool! But singing is the best, if you have a lousy voice like me you can piss your entire family off in five minutes.
    Have fun dude!

  4. Thanks dude. I did!!

    Speaking of lousy voice singing...my sister in law has this awful,high pitched, crazy sounding voice she does every Christmas. EVERY christmas when we're together in the car going somewhere, she'll start singing "Deck the halls" as loud as she can in that awful voice. We try to make her stop, but usually we're laughing so hard that no one can even talk. Man, it's bad!!

    I'd managed to put it out of my mind until you just reminded me. LOL!!