Thursday, November 22, 2007

9 Faces

Thumbed through this book at the bookstore and found a great creative exercise on which I've been doing for about 5 days now. The idea is to draw 9 circles on a piece of paper, then turn those 9 circles into human faces. They suggest that you use different kinds of media on different days and that you don't spend alot of time on each face, just draw.

It's been a brain stretcher that's for sure!!

First day was pretty timid with my drawings, but now, I've drawn all the faces that were already in my brain, and am needing to get more creative with expessions etc in order to draw new faces. Also, finding myself looking at people on tv, magazines and real life for details and patterns. We look at faces every day, but do we really LOOK at faces?? You will if you try to draw nine of them every day.

For some reason, I'm finding drawing faces more meaningful and fulfilling than doing the 3 morning pages suggested by "The Artist Way".

Give it a go and let me know what you experience after a couple weeks of daily drawing.

You can see the exact wording and example by looking up the book on Amazon and doing the "search inside option" for "faces" or look for page 177.


  1. I have a bunch of methods of getting new ideas for is to use adobe`s stock photo feature, search for random things, and use an interesting one as a ref. Also I found a list of 100 themes for your art (like "under the rain" or "breaking the rules" or "introduction") on my art forum. The idea is to draw no matter what.

  2. GT- I looked on that art forum that's on your blog roll. Holy cow! You guys are light years ahead of where I am with my drawing skills!! Light years!

    Some of that stuff on there is really, really good!

    Didn't find the 100 list though. Could you link it?


  3. I'm still having trouble being two-faced. blessings friend, Phil