Saturday, November 10, 2007

Catching Up

AWESOME drumming session last night!!
We had about 15 people in a little coffee shop, drumming our brains out! That's the best group of folks and we all get along really well. Lots of sore hands and muscles from playing and laughing so much. Didn't want it to end.

Get to play one more time next week, before the instructor does his yearly journey south to Mexico for the winter.

Feel balanced and grounded after that session.

Finally found out that it was the gal that owns the coffee shop that gave my name to June and Crew. Apparently June hangs out at the coffee shop from time to time and saw my stuff down there. So, that's cool....

Hoping to have a 6 month project in Calif coming up very shortly. Not sure if it'll work out, but I'm really hoping it does. Really hoping!! It'd be a great gig, lots of hours but they'd all count towards my project management certification, so that'd be worth it. Plus, could use the $$

Been thinking alot about how much cynicism there is in the environments I'm in these days. I don't like it. Want to have something different for my life and I'm finding that the less I hang in those places, or with those people who have gotten in the habit of being cynical, the happier I feel and more productive I feel like being.

Don't think creativity can grow and thrive in an environment of constant cynicism and I want to live a more creative life.

Still working out what that means exactly.

Excited to be spending the weekend at a photo workshop taught by this guy:

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  1. thanks for the comment on my poetry blog :0)
    Find poetry helps!!
    Maybe I should give the drumming a try instead though. Sounds great. Best, x