Sunday, November 18, 2007


Today I got to thinking about how I'm becoming a part of this great little community that's forming round the coffeeshop and how it's all because I took one little risk.

For a few months I saw signs at the market advertising African Drumming Sessions at this little coffeeshop. I wanted to go, but could never work up the courage.

Then, one day, I did.

I went over to the cafe, talked to the owner, and found out there was loads of activities going on there and that drumming was just one small part.

Just working up the courage to go speak to the owner, who turned out to be a total sweetie, has lead to the following cool stuff happening in the last couple months:

- Learning african drumming
- Meeting some terrific, creative, positive people
- Worked up the courage to hang my photos
- Put my first product (journals) for sale
- Have a place to sell more products (cards) once I get them produced
- Sold some work
- Got invited to participate in my first arts & crafts show
- Just landed my first advertising project from someone who owns a local business

What's all that got to do with community you may ask.

Well, everything.

It's because we're part of the community that we go pay $15 a week to drum whenever the instructor is in town. We could do it for free elsewhere.

It's because I'm part of the community that the owners hung my work in an easy to see, but out of the way place so it could hang longer than the normal 1 month.

It's because of community that my drumming friend asked me if I wanted the advertising gig. I thought she wanted some help learning how to use her computer so I said yes when she asked if I had some free time to do lessons.

It feels good to be a part of something that's organic, local and engergetic after hanging out at a virtual "community" that basically sucked the life out of my soul and wounded me for a while.

I love the positive energy, and way this group is starting to look out for each other in little ways.

Who would have thought all of that would come from a flyer in a supermarket.


  1. Hi jonny!
    It is great!
    We don't have the pub scene here in my part of the US, but this is very similar, minus the alcohol, jackpot machines and karoke. ;-)

    Other than that, it's just like it.