Saturday, April 12, 2008

Glass Blowing Class

Took a glass blowing class today! Had a great time!! Made a paperweight and a vase.
Learned tons about glass history including that it was illegal to teach glass blowing in Italy until 1946. Apparently glass blowing was a $12 Billion industry and the Italian government wanted to control who could make the glass.
It was a great experience today learning how to work with and control molten glass. The key was to keep turning the pole that the ball of glass was on so that it stayed in balance. Would definately do this again!!


  1. I've watched these artists before and often sit amazed at the fluidity of this brittle substance. I wish I could have been there with you in that class - it sounds like a blast!

  2. Glass Blowing illegal? Just goes to show how much of law and order is based on the pocketbook?

    ...and so, how are you? Long time since we've chatted...

  3. Joel!!!
    Hey has been too long. What's up with you these days.

    I think I owe you at least a couple emails...