Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Funnies

The Six Phases of Project Management

1 Exaltation

2 Disenchantment

3 Confusion

4 Search for the Guilty

5 Punishment of the Innocent

6 Distinction for the Uninvolved


  1. Only funny because it is true :(

    I think I saw a Dilbert on that one :)

  2. so.... it it finished yet?


  3. Oh yeah Bob! It's true!! We're solidly in phase 3 with moments of 5 and 6. I love how quickly folks jump on the band wagon as soon as the project did well. Now my project is getting used for some marketing pieces. Must be phase 6 for sure. Very funny!

    L -'s only partway done. We went live, but now we're working tons of issues. That'll keep us busy for a while.