Sunday, September 21, 2008

Black Rapid Camera Stap

First day of going out and shooting using my new Black Rapid RS-2. I'll never use a traditional stap again! This thing is so much easier and so much more comfortable than any other stap I've ever had. Getting access to my camera was way easier than when I carry a sling bag. It was so easy to just over my body and pull the camera up to shooting position. Fast and secure!

Too me a little while to get the thing adjusted properly, but once I did, it was totally comfortable even while walking around in crowds.

Now..there's a couple things I'd like to suggest to the Black Rapid folks as well. First off, the fold over strap is great for holding batteries and memory cards, but there was no where that I could put my id away safely. I thought it'd fit in that area, but As a woman, I'd like to be hands free too, but I don't carry a wallet in my back pocket for cards and cash (oh, and a tube of lipstick too) so it would be great if that front strap would be able to hold that. Thought about putting the cards in the same place the phone goes (which is great btw) but was worried about the magnetic strip on the cards being de-activiated.

Other than that...this is a GREAT stap and I'll definately continue using it and recommening it to friends.

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  1. For me.. if I need a strap then the camera is too big.. but I don't use my camera that much.. use the one on my phone more than my camera these days :)

  2. What's going on with you lately? Still out west? Let's catch up. Things are changing with RRTM. Probably going down soon. Not worried, sort of glad actually.

  3. Jen - still out west but not sure for how long. Phase one of the project is over and now I'm moving into some other role for phase 2. Not sure what yet.

    Too bad about RRTM.

    We'll catch up soon.