Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sacredness in the mundane

Tonight I was privledged to spend most of the night in sacred moments. First with my team as they took me out to dinner and gave me some wonderful goodbye gifts. Then laughing and joking with a bunch of my knucklehead friends who I've truly, truly missed. Then lastly, spent some time talking with someone who has just been told she doesn't have long to live. This person has been one of those "difficult" people in my life over the last few years and has caused some considerable pain in our lives. Tonight, I was able to really forgive her for that and even ask her forgiveness for anything I'd done to hurt her. Then we just talked.
Each of those are moments,I've come to realize, are the mundane moments that make up what's most sacred about life. Those moments that really matter...

This song just reminds me of that we need to pay more attention to the scared in the every day.

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  1. What a thoughtful post.. I so agree with your take on those moments and the sacredness of each.

    Blessings, Bob