Sunday, November 2, 2008

Free Falling the last 8 weeks have been a bit...ummmm....WEIRD!

It all started when I got on this Southwest airline flight back to Sacramento. I was holding ticket A1. If you ever fly Southwest you know how very cool that is! ;-) It means I should have been the very first person on the plane. Murphy would have it, I ended up getting a couple phone calls before I made it to security which delayed my getting to the gate.
By the time I got on, there was only middle seats left and you know that's just WRONG!
Ended up getting "stuck" next to a guy that was (of course) a pastor. I swear...I ignored him the best I talking only with the guy on the other side of me and then by trying to go to sleep. Had my arms crossed, eyes closed and everything. Then...he "tricked" me into talking to him by asking me a question about photography. I'll fall for it every time ;-)

We ended up talking for hours and hours over the course of 2 legs of the journey and I guess you could say we haven't stopped talking yet.
Since that day the following is examples of what's going on in my life:
  • Job changed
  • My company and the client couldn't figure out how to settle on a price for me so now I'm on "vacation" until that's gone then on the "bench" until I'm on the "dole".
  • I went and checked out church at my new friend's house church (shock)
  • Then, the next week, I went back again. (SHOCK)
  • I moved back to my hometown
  • I'm dying of boredom!!!!
  • The church I was hanging out with live-streamed their service and made it technically possible for me to "attend" with them. How cool is that??
  • One of my blog buddies and I got into a couple good discussions about Bible verses, which turned very frustrating to me cause I just don't "get it" no matter how hard I try.
  • He made a remark about getting back in and being a "student" cause it was "fun"
  • No,'s not!!!!!
  • I decided to go check out a more "contemplative" church today where I could just let my brain rest and let my soul get fed.
  • There, I ran into a woman that used to be a MAJOR part of my life about 20 years ago when she and her husband pastored my church.
  • We talked for 4 hours over lunch!
  • We're going to dinner on Weds.
  • Got to talk with her daughter for a few minutes tonight too. She's a great "kid"!! Haven't talked with her in about 9 years and I 've missed her.
  • I'm going to a retreat in Sacramento with the church I've been hanging out with I think.
  • Life is just the a very good but completely unexpected way.

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