Tuesday, December 16, 2008

0% of 2219 people who have taken the quiz are like me

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
Spiritual Money Managing Extrovert


  1. Hi Laura...took the quiz...apparently,I'm a Healthy Self-Improving,Self-Knower...but I knew that anyway...well,the selfish parts..lol

    Thx for the nice compliments about the photos and no,that isn't my son...a friend's nephew-he's French-his family calls him La Terrible'

    Have you been to the Land of The Great Big Sea....Newfoundland...if not,you must put it on yr list of things to do..truly,a remakable place to visit..been there twice myself...always want to return asap..from where I live,it's a 6/7 hr drive to the ferry terminal in Cape Breton,Nova Scotia and either the short ferry to Port-aux -Basques(6 hrs)or the longer one to Argentia(14 hrs)of course,you can fly,but there's something about getting off that ferry and starting yr journey...it's a place of spectacular,rugged beauty,wild sheep,caribou,a moose on every highway(almost)and a people who speak our language,but rather uniquely ...I've sat in restaurants and eavesdropped on conversations and haven't understood a damn thing they were saying....you really must go there..I'm serious..I have some pics that wd wet yr appetite...I'm thinking about buying a D90 body and a 16-85mm lens seperately...the other stock choices are 18-55 or 18-105...all 3.5 aperatures,but the first one is a VRII..apparently u can shoot 4 stops beyond the minimum for hand held shots...the other two are 3 stops,according to the spec sheets,that is...I was going to answer yr ques. about church/photography and why I've put them on the backburner,but it appears they're being moved to the front..I'll keep you posted...having a hard time posting under my name...I'll try anonymous...Later...Tom

  2. I forgot to mention..maybe you cd drop by Alan Doyle's and have a feed of cod cheeks...that wd make the trip...wdn't it?....Tom

  3. Packing my bags now Tom!! ;-)

    Hey, now you have me intrigued about the photo and church stuff too.

    I just finished a project where my peer was from Newfoundland. You're right, I couldn't understand a dang thing he said.

  4. Well I took the quiz and a I'm a tree hugging self knowing money manager. Are you surprised? Lisa W.