Monday, December 29, 2008

Photo Link

A couple of folks have asked for a link to some my photography work.

Finally got brave enough to post them. So, here ya go...

Would love to hear what you think...


  1. I think... oh my goodness, girl. Why did you wait so long?! Some gorgeous shots there.

  2. Gee wiz, you should be doing this for a living. Your work is stunning. LMW

  3. Erin - Because Tom never asked before I guess ;-) No really, it was cause he shared his and I couldn't figure out a way to email him a link, so I figured "what the heck...." and just posted them. Thanks for the nice comments. Much appreciated.

    LMW- you're funny :-)

  4. Hey Laura..guess what?...I just clued in that these were YOUR photos...duh!...I'm so sorry...I think I saw the Home page and thot it was another site...but good things come to stupid people(like me)too...very nice...I have some favs...I'm gonna leave some comments on which'a apparent you've gotta a few miles under yr belt as well...tryin' to make me jealous?...I love 81 and 86has great composition,no to mention16,10,and 49,too many to pick from...are they all from the SLR?

  5. Laura - I can't get enough of your photos. I have been running the slide show and bragging that I know the photographer personally... What visual treat.

  6. Laura, thanks for sharing your incredible work. You have a real eye for it!

  7. Hey girl...guess what I bought today...the world is now my oyster...well,seen thru a D90 at least

  8. LMW- choose one, come by and it's yours for christmas - make sure it's one I already have printed, matted and framed ok? Would a black metal frame be ok you think? ;-)

    Mike- thank you so much!

    Tom- Very Cool!!! Congrats on the new purchase! So, what are you going to photograph first?

    Thanks for the feedback too. Appreciate it very much.

    Yep, I've been a few places in my time. In fact, got to hurry up and get a new gig so I can save up some bucks. May be going out to Istanbul in the next year. Hoping to hit Greece and Ukraine too. Oh yeah, and Newfoundland to eat cod cheeks. ;-)