Friday, January 2, 2009

Painting Class at Last

Signed up for an short, beginnin acrylic painting class with a friend today! There's a new art space and gallery in town that's offering 2 for 1 deals on some classes, so it worked out well.
I am so excited to finally be taking a step towards learning to paint. I've wanted to do it for quite a while, but haven't had either the courage or the time. Alternating excuses really...
Been using Corel PainterX to do some digital painting, but find that not having the body knowledge of what it feels like to move the paint around a canvas hinders the painting. It's hard to choose from all the brushes and paint techniques without having the experience of using them first. This will be a great first step towards learning more about how paint vs pixels works.
Now I just have to pick a colour scheme, buy canvas, brushes, paint.......WooT!


  1. I'm experimenting with some digital painting as well. The real key is to learn to blend colors and strategically choose the brush / pallet knife tools. Digital painting is a completely different medium from painting in the "3D" world. You have far more control in digital media because of being able to "undo". Real paint is far less forgiving, unless you decide to try to master oils.

  2. So G, have you painted with real paint though? I'm wondering if it's easier to do digital "painting" if you have that experience. Seems like understanding how to mix colours etc would be easier if you had that background. I know that digitial photography is easier because I've got film experience.

    I think it would be faster at least because you'd have a better idea of what brushes and tools to use to get the look you're going for.