Monday, February 9, 2009

Great send off

My aunt's service was wonderful!! I think she would have been very happy with how we celebrated her life and how much we enjoyed hanging out with each other. Many people in the family were involved in the service, either through speaking, singing, putting together the bulletins or slide shows. Many of her friends and neighbors spoke up as well and told how kind and hospitable she always was. She loved us all deeply and it was just the right thing, that we were the ones that said farewell to her the way we was a service I'll always remember because it was so full of love.

One of my aunt's very dear friends sang this song at the end of the service. It was PERFECT and I only wish we'd had a recording of it because it was so beautiful and heartfelt. I truly think she captured what my aunt would have said to all of us...

Love Jesus and love one another....

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