Friday, March 20, 2009

Emerging Church Conference

I'm finding myself in a really weird spot lately, having gone recently from totally pissed off at all things church related to attending the Emerging Church conference in Albuquerque (voluntarily) this weekend. And being excited about it!

How utterly bizzare.

Had dinner with someone who's known me for a rather long time, through all the "I can not stand church any more" to now where I'm "I'm going to this church, hanging out at this church function, doing this thing and that thing....". She just looked at me and said "What happened to you?"

Frankly, I had no idea what to I just said "I have no idea, but something did" Still can't explain it, not sure if it'll last or it's just a "phase" but it's kinda awesome.

Weird as all get out...but awesome none the less. I keep thinking people are going to say "what's wrong with you?" and "how could you believe this or that?" and I'm not going to have an answer. Just....I don't know...I just believe it right now. I'm not angry any more, I'm not avoiding churches, even the one I really thought I'd avoid for the rest of my life because of it's charistmatic bent. I'm not signing up to be a member, that's for dang sure, but....I went to a service with them last week. And liked it....alot!

It's all the weirdest damn thing...all I know is something's different in the last couple months. And because I can't explain it, I know I have to pay attention to it.
and enjoy it.

All that to say, I'm totally excited about this conference this weekend!


  1. Sometimes you've just got to roll with it :)

  2. Yeah....I just think I've lost my mind ;-) but it's kinda fun.

    Hey...I thought of you tonight at the conference because the guy that sat next to me was Canadian. I actually asked him if he knew you. LOL! How goofy is that? Well, she's Candian, you must know her???!!! Come to think of it, he didn't sit by me after the break. ;-)

    Haven't seen your friend Mike yet, but someone told me there's 1,000 people there. Hard to find anyone really...

    Next time, come

  3. Hey just enjoy it, hope it lasts.

  4. Look forward to hearing more about the conference and your very cool journey..