Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Gear

I've gotten a couple new pieces of kit over the last couple weeks.

First I bought a "Flip" video recorder. So far, all I've managed to record is a couple seconds each of my mom being annoyed with me recording her, and a friend being annoyed with my recording her. Next step..the Oscars.
I really want to try this thing out for real doing "The One Thing" excerise from Facebook.
The idea is to find a wise friend, I have a few so that's easy, and ask them "If there were only ONE THING you could tell me, what would it be". I want to record their answer or have them write it down on a paper, which I can then photograph them with. I'm not quite sure yet which direction I want to take this.
I'm sure it would be a quite awkward moment for someone to be asked a question like that. I'd want to capture what they say, when they say it, but not intimidate them with a camera while they think. guess I'll just have to give it a go and see what happens eh?

Secondly, yesterday I finally caved in and just bought an iphone. Got a pretty good tax refund, so felt like it was ok to splurge a bit. Plus, I have some folks that call pretty regularly and do nothing but complain about how crap my old phone service was. Finally just got tired of all the whinging ;-) Tonight I get to load up my ipod and download some apps.

Any ideas of which ones I need?


  1. Hey I bought a flip camera last year, I have loads of fun with it, and an iPhone cool!

  2. What kind of stuff are you doing with the flip camera? I'm going to set a goal to try it out on something (don't know what yet...but something) this week.

    iphone totally rocks!! Had an hour and 20 minute call today with my friend, and not one time did he say "what?" "get a new phone service!!!!!"

    It was bliss to not have to find the one place in the house where he could hear me, or have to go stand outside near the fence!

    I love progress! ;-)

  3. I'm surrounded by flippin camera freaks.. Between you and Matt I'm irritated about being recorded. If I had one thing to tell you and wanted you to record me it would be.

    "Gee are you annoying but I still like you anyway now get that camera out of my face, wait can you take a video of the bird I painted?"

    Guess who

  4. LOL!!
    Did you ever finish that bird??
    You HAVE GOT to see my ceramic pilot. I'll post some pix up here soon. It came out pretty much just like I wanted it to.
    Hoping Nance will help me make some goggles and a scarf for him. Then, he will be PERFECT! Ha!

    We just record ya cause we love ya...that...and we know you won't hurt us ;-)

    Glad you posted, I thought you might have dropped off the face of the earth.

    You're gonna be able to see me on "tv" Friday. I'll wave to you if you're in the box seats ;-)

  5. Hey Dennis-
    Tried out the flip video this past weekend and love it! The only problem is that it is not in fact a "flip" video...You can't flip the camera over on it's side and shoot that way. You have to hold it upright. Which I only discovered after I shot a few sequences holding the camera horizontially.
    The screen view actually flips over, but the video doesn't.

    Any idea how to right those images??