Friday, September 25, 2009


For the last several months, my life has been full of change. Change of attitude, change of beliefs, change of direction and change of behavior.
It's an odd thing really because it's not always dramatic or easily seen on the outside. But inside, almost every step has been taken with fear. Not really fear of the step itself, but fear of the step after that. If I go visit someone at the hospital today...what am I going to have to do tomorrow? Visit someone at prision?
Then what??

I've been praying alot (another change) lately about just where my career should go and where my life should go. I think the answer is just to do the next thing...just be faithful to the thing that comes up next and do that. Eventually, I'll sort out what the path was.

I think this gapingvoid cartoon describes it pretty well though it's sometimes hard to remember.

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