Thursday, October 29, 2009


Was talking with a friend tonight about how much I don't want to be in the same industry I've been in for the last few years, but want to do something more "meaningful".
He pointed me to the IT group at Wycliffe Bible Translators. They have loads of IT related positions and I'm going to follow up with them over the next two weeks to see if anything might come of it.
Just the thought of not having to be in healthcare right now sounds like a relief. It's not the work itself I don't like, it's the fact that I've been in the same area for so long and am ready to give something else a chance.

Also, ran into a guy on a shuttle bus the other night after my CA trip. He's the managing editor of a car magazine that's produced in my town. It was one of those weird conversations where alot of information is exchaged in a very short amount of time, but there's lot of meaning behind it. For some reason, I asked him if he knew anyone that needed a Project Manager and he said "yeah, we do, but we can't pay you"
I told him that might not be a problem, cause I'm trying to learn graphic design and maybe we could work something out. Bought a copy of the magazine at the local Borders tonight and I'm going to contact him this week as well. Who life is so weird lately that this may just be the way I move into a new field.

Can't hurt to have the conversation....


  1. A Wycliffe IT group sound pretty exciting.. would you have to move?

  2. I'm not sure yet. I'd be open to that but right now, it's a matter of finances. Would have to talk with the guy that pastors the church I hang out at and see what he thinks about that.
    Also, I'm really crap at the fundraising thing. I believe people ought to be willing to go, and should, but I have REAL issues asking someone else to support me in that. Not sure I can do it.
    Would have to really put some thinking time into it before deciding.
    There are some options for doing some very short term or even remote work and I'll be pursuing that at the very least.