Saturday, October 24, 2009

tale of 2 churches

Trying to decide which of 2 churches to call "home".

I feel a connection to both and both have some great features to them.
One has a pastor with over 35 years of bible teaching. he does a great job of explaining the story of the bible and I love listening to him.

The other, a distance away, has only a couple years of pastoring, but he's got a generous spirit that amazes me every time I'm around him.

The first guy's church is local, vibrant and welcoming. They make a real effort to speak words of kindness and optomisim. The second guy's group seems to have a spirit about them of judgementalism and cynisism about each other. Guy A's group likes to hang out with each other, whereas the other group seems to have a bad habit of talking behind each other's backs.

I have lots of stuff in common with the first group and nothing in common with the second.

My heart feels like being with the first group. My head tells me to go with the second.

Hard decision


  1. Oh... trust your heart here, girl!

  2. You know what's odd? I got the head and heart thing backwards on here. My heart is with group 2 in spite of the flaws. My head is saying that's not too bright when there's a vibrant, local church (they have flaws too. Just not part of the decision really).
    The critical attitude, the lack of grace specifically, can be overcome. I see it cause I'm outside of it.
    I'm thinking I may not have to choose just one.

  3. Sorted....going with my heart and my head.
    No reason i gotta just hang out at one place ya know.