Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advent Conspiracy

My brother called me last night to ask me what I wanted for Christmas.  I told him, really I don't want anything.  I'm trying to get rid of things, not bring more stuff in the house.
He came up with the perfect solution and said he would send me a gift certificate so I could get stuff for my "projects"! 

This coming up year, we have a goal of distributing 120 backpacks full of school supplies to kids in New Mexico and I'm also going to begin a campaign to get 100 sleeeping bags out to homeless people across the nation (more on that later). 

His gift card will go towards purchasing backpacks, school supplies, or material for bags and will help support people in need!  Best present he could have come up with by far!

Fits right in with what the Advent Conspiracy is all about...

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