Saturday, March 6, 2010

Falling Whistles Interns

Today a couple of us had the opportunity to have lunch with some remarkable young women traveling from L.A. to OKC via ABQ. They are interns at a non-profit called "Falling Whistles" and are on their way to join other groups from around the country to support the activists staked out in front of Senator Coburn’s office.

"Senator Coburn has put a block on the LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act. The bill authorizes $40 million to post-conflict recovery efforts in Northern Uganda and directs President Obama to come up with a peace and recovery plan for war-ravaged Northern Uganda.

The number count varies, but people from all over the country are gathered in OKC, sleeping outside in the freezing cold to request a meeting with the Senator to state their case."

These young women, ranging in age from 18-23 have a great energy and passion about them and it was exciting to get a chance to get to know them. One of them is a kid I've known and loved her entire life, and I could not be prouder to see her spending her time this way!!

Please pray for the 7 of them as they travel 1400 miles in a van, then sleep outside for the next 3 nights in an effort to bring more awareness to what is happening to children in Congo and Uganda.

You can learn more about what's going on here:
Falling Whistles


  1. Very cool. Falling Whistles is great organization, and I can't help believing it will alter the course of these young women's lives to be involved like this.

  2. I agree Erin! They are getting a great opportunity and learning lots of things that will help them throughout their lives.
    They are a great group and I really enjoyed hanging out for a little while with them!