Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rolling the Rosetta Stone

Earlier this week I returned from my second trip to Ukraine. This time, I was able to speak some words of Russian and read some of the signs so it didn't seem so "foreign" to me.
I've decided that since I'm very likely to go back in a couple years, I'm setting a goal of being fluent in Russian in the next two years.
Hence..the Rosetta Stone adventure.
Tonight's first foray into increasing my skills, took me 1 hour. That was just to activate the software. Wonder how you say HOLY SMOKE in Russian!!
The activation key didn't work so I spent an hour chatting with a support person on chat.
After just 3 guess..umm deductions, he hit upon the correct solution and now I'm off and running.
Only now, it's 1am and I need to go to bed.

может быть, завтра (maybe tomorrow)


  1. Wow. What a great challenge to set for yourself! It will make a huge difference when you go back, so good on you for doing it!

  2. Thanks Erin!
    I'm quite enjoying learning when I can. I've not been very good at working on the Rosetta Stone, but I'm trying to read some russian every day.
    Signing up for a class in community education for Sept. Excited!
    How are you? See you've been blogging again.
    You've inspired me to start up again as well.

  3. Hi Laura my name is Kirk. I'm studding animation at Falmouth university in the UK. I came across your prayer: "Lord, let justice run down like rivers." whilst researching for a short animated film I'm writing for Uni. I was wondering if I could use I for a section of my animation. Here's a link to my blog, this should give you an Idea of what trying to achieve: http://pixelatedhorse.blogspot.com/ Thank you :)

  4. Hiya Kirk
    You know..that isn't my prayer. I just posted it but it looks like I forgot to site the source so am not sure where to point you so you can gain proper permission.
    I believe it comes from a daily prayer book I picked up years ago whilst living in the UK.
    I will try to locate the book to check if that is the case. If so, I will shoot you a note at your blog which is quite interesting btw.

    So sorry I could not be of more help.