Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Funnies


  1. Laura
    Like your blog. If any one shoiuld be doing a blog, you should! I like the coffee thing but the reverse is true also; it can make you do the right thing a whle lot quicker!

  2. Thanks Steve,

    This image was on my favorite UK coffee mug which I hauled all the way home with me. This saying reminds me of why it's important for me to drink decaf! ;-)

    My mug broke this week so this is a memorial tribute of sorts.

  3. That's funny!

  4. Hey Marianne!
    Glad you liked it. I laughed out loud in the store the first time I saw this image. I was in the UK working with a bunch of folks who drank the weakest tea and coffee I've ever had,truly was just hot colored water.
    Meanwhile, I'm drinking good old fashioned American coffee, black as tar basically. My British friends were so polite that they'd drink the coffee I made when it was my turn, but once one person finally felt comfortable enough with me to be honest, they all jumpped in and banned me from coffee rounds. LOL!
    This image makes me think of that group every time!

  5. Laura, sorry to hear about the mug, where would I get one? Like you It would be a great reminder for me to drink decaf. :)


  6. Dan,
    You're a wise man! Decaf is very good for you, contrary to what some of my Pacific NW friends think.
    I think they just suck up the caffeine to make themselves feel good. We on the other hand have the NM sunshine! Way better option in my opinion.