Thursday, April 12, 2007

Zooming out

I posted this at another blog...

Found this blog today and have to say, I’m breathing a little easier.

Been trying to figure out how to separate my beliefs from my Americanism for the last few months. What would I believe about the church, Jesus, Christianity if I wasn’t so saturated with the red, white and blue?

This guy gives me hope that I’ll figure that out and will be able to leave behind the culture of my upbringing to find a better, more unadulterated faith or a more authentic “unfaith”.

First glimmer for a while that things don’t have to be the way that causes me to not like the church. Maybe I just need to expand my view of what "church" looks like.

Thanks Bob!


  1. ( | o )=====::: checking in...
    Glad to see you've taken up blogging! Reading "I Am A Christian Too" really shows ut that no matter what our christian history we bring who we are to the conversation. I'm glad that Jesus doesn't sweat the small stuff but rather invites us into His story.
    I'm honored to be your first commenter (is that a word??)
    Now, be careful who you tell about your blog. I can see the theological debate society smacking their lips, ready to come and devour.
    To practice grace... what a challenge!
    ( | o )=====:::

  2. No theological debate society meetings here.
    I just figured out that I had a switch turned on which meant I had to moderate all the comments (all one of them) before they would post. I thought it odd that you hadn't said anything when you stopped by earlier.