Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Cry Pain, Cry Hope

It is not what happens to us in any day that gives content to our lives, but whether or not we let its experience sink into us. ... It is one of the highest powers given to anyone. In reflection I come upon feelings that I had been too afraid to experience in the moment. In the quiet of reflection I take the risk and the time to let censored thoughts as well as feelings into consciousness, to discover what is causing the uneasiness in me.

- Elizabeth O'Connor from Cry Pain, Cry Hope

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  1. This quote by Elizabeth O'Conner has been rumbling around in my mind all week. What I have been feeling and the thoughts that flit across my conscious mind have been enough to prompt me to seek some solitude and tease them out into the open where I can consider more fully who I've become. Should be an adventure...