Saturday, September 15, 2007


Stopped by the coffeeshop today and it ends up that they hadn't really sold those 4 images after all! Basically, they decided to rearrage my stuff after they hung another person's on another part of the wall. So...they were moving my stuff around but didn't tell the gal that I talked to yesterday. Grrrrr

Feeling a bit disappointed and slightly irritated at the folks that own that shop right now. She said she over booked the space because although she knew I was going to turn in my stuff for sure, she thought the others weren't going to because the last 2 people she scheduled, didn't show up. So she over booked the space! Uggggh

Now, because we're friends, my stuff is getting shuffled all over the shop and rearranged over and over to make room for other people's work.

Have to say it's really hard not to just get a "diva" attitude and insist that she puts my stuff where she said she was going to in the first place. Definately have learned a valuable lesson about getting the details in order during the committment process. Wall space, pricing and commission fees are part of the negoiation process from now on!

So, the bottom line is there's been no sales...



  1. Oh... that sucketh.

    Any chance she will give you the next time spot for yourself, so you don't have to share space with others?

  2. Yes it sucketh indeed!

    Next time??? ;-)

    Nah, just kidding. I'm thinking of tomorrow talking to her to schedule some time and space for another show 6 months from now. I'll ask her to commit to the space now and I'll narrow down my selection of images too. Hopefully, by then I'll be doing some printmaking and can hang some thing other than photos.

    Also, they have a space in an old deli counter that isn't being used for anything because the plumbing doesn't work or something. I suggested that they make use of that space to sell things like t-shirts, cards, pottery and jewelery. Also, they have bands playing there all the time, they could sell the CDs there and take a commision. Think they are going to do that...have some journals and cards that I'd like to get in that space.

    Waiting to things to sell is really tough. Not sure how people make a living doing this art stuff. It's hard work.

    Also, thinking of doing some of the arts and crafts fairs during the upcoming holiday season just for more exposure and a little bit of bucks. Not really sure if that's the direction I want to go though.

    Obviously, I'm really walking in the dark here! Actually have no idea what the heck I'm doing and am sure I'm making easily avoidable mistakes. But, I guess that's all part of the fun of it huh?

  3. It sounds like your friend would be wise to listen to your advice! Small businesses need to maximize the space they have to make money. It would be excellent to provide (permanent) venue for artists and musicians too.

    Selling... I have no idea. I'm so not near that end of the curve. I think that what you've said above sound like good ideas for getting your name out there a bit. Any chance a local paper would do a human interest story? And when you have your opening (however that works out... :) make sure the press are invited! I don't know what kind of city you live in, but in this small town, the paper doesn't cover stories like that... but if you send them a photo of the event (ie. you with a photograph... they only print pictures where a person figures prominently) and a short story, they almost always publish it.

    I'll look forward to seeing how it pans out for you.

  4. Interesting idea, the newspapers. Hadn't thought of time.

    Tonight I was down at the place for drumming lessons. (A blast btw if you've never done it). We moved furniture around and cleared out the spot where I've been suggesting that they make available for selling things. The drum instructor used to own some retail stores and told him the same thing, completely not knowing I'd told them that.

    The owner said he wants to start selling postcards/note cards and that he wants to start with my work and the last person that hung their stuff. He said "I'm going to do this with or without your stuff. I'd rather do it with you." so tomorrow night, I'm back to engaging in another battle in the neverending war with my printer I guess. ;-)

    Oooh, also found these really cool boxes at Borders for 1/2 off. I was thinking of using them to hold notecards and envelopes and selling them at arts/crafts fairs. If people are like me, they will love them cause all you have to do is stick a name tag on them, and viola! instant wrapping.
    I'd buy them just to avoid wrapping anything. Seriously!

  5. LOL... Sounds like things are coming together :) Very cool.