Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Funnies

found here:


  1. I came to a fork in the road, but didn't pick it up.

  2. 6.1 ounces I believe.
    lol, I was at an art workshop...
    So that both accounts for my long absence from the world of blogging and the fact that I'm drawing awesome!

  3. oh yeah, those quirky sayings break the cliches of 'picture of a mountain means courage' that you can buy off SkyMall if you're really, really bored during the flight.

  4. Phil, not too bad. ;-)

    GT! So you can't get those drinks on the plane then I guess. Darn...

    So...tell us about the art workshop. How'd it go, what was it about, what'd ya learn....

    I love SkyMall btw. I have spent about 1 million miles (literally) on airplanes so I calculate I've looked at SkyMall about 6,000 times more or less.

    Here's the best place to get those silly posters. They are spoofs on the serious motivational ones. The coolest thing is now there's a DYI poster generator. Great Fun...