Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dia De Muertos

Went to my first ever Dia De Muertos celebration tonight. Which is odd, seeing how I grew up in a part of the US that is mostly hispanic. For years, I've considered the skulls, skeletons and costumes as something evil to be avoided. This year I decided that was stupid. To be afraid of pissing off God or the church or whomever, by refusing to have a good time with those in my community just because someone else said it was bad. Had to check it out for myself...

Turns out it was a GREAT time with dancing, music, food, art, celebration, color, fun and laughter with loads of people from the community. Tonight's party was the kick off to a week long festival celebrating the lives of those that have gone before us.

Instead of being evil or scary as I'd always been warned, it was quite funny to see ghosts, skeletons and "spirits" dancing a jig!! It took the fright out of death and put the emphasis of joy into life.

Best part of the whole evening was when a 91 year old woman, won the costume contest!!! The crowd roared it's approval at her laughing at the face of death! It was fantastic to watch her dance around, wearing a full black dress, hat and painted face! Amazing!

Next weekend will be even better!! There's a community wide offerena (rememberance altar) where I plan on adding pictures of my dad, my grandparents and the couple that lived next door to my parents for my entire life. Those are the people I want to honor, and celebrate this year.

There will be a parade and then parties in various places in town. I'm going to hit as many of them as possible!!

Viva Los Muertos!

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  1. What fun to catch up on all your adventures! Congrats on finding such joy in your art and in your freedom to explore the world around you!

    You go girl!

    PS. could not believe my inner european is DUTCH!!
    who would have guessed....

    Best wishes for all your dreams-

  2. Dutch?? So what does the little blurb under "Dutch" say? I can't imagine...
    I love that mine says I drink everyone under the table!! I'm a total lightweight so sadly, it'd be me under the table I'm afraid.

    Hope to see you stop by more often.


  3. Dutch: " Openminded and tolerant. You're up for just about anything."

    Maybe 20 years ago! Now I'm just up past my bedtime!

    I really enjoy your blog and cruising through the links you have - esp. asbo & TED when I get a chance.

    I'll say 'hi' more often when I'm in the neighborhood.

    Hasta later!