Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday Funnies

Wooo Hoooo!!
Going to see Eddie Izzard with some friends next month.
Can hardly wait...

Since it's Easter thought I'd put up a bit of Eddie on Religion....


  1. Thanks Laura for the smile.. can't believe I watched Eddie on Easter :)

  2. Yeah, I can't beleive it either! Have you seen the Mr. Diety vids?

  3. Mike - looked at those vids. They are sort of clever, but I'm not sure what I think really.

    Ok, have to tell you guys, Izzard wasn't as funny in person as on the videos. First of all, he looked too "normal". Jeans, black boots, black tshirt, black jacket. His "walk" works really well when he's in high heels, but not as good in more manly attire. LOL

    Also......I slept through 95% of the show. Not joking...literally fell asleep after about the first 20 minutes of him bashing God and the people that believe in God. I have no problem with people bashing religion oddly enough, but not too thrilled with God-bashing. Weird, I know...but I still....

    He bored me frankly with the amount and intensity of the God-bashing. That seemed to be his whole routine last night. Then hee did the bit about the history of civilization...which, ironically, was the bit that turned me into a fan years ago. Not so much any more...think I'll stick to the old HBO clips instead.