Friday, January 16, 2009

Logo Learning Part 4

Newest attempts can be found here:

The ones with yellow lettering are not out of focus btw. I was trying to make the yellow ones look metallic like the silver one does. Didn't work....and I got tired of messing with it for now. Figured the last thing I wanted to do was keep messing with an image that no one would ever look at again. I understand now how to resolve the issues with lighting, and shading so I'm just moving on to something else.

Did get a bit of good feedback on the image where the font looks like there's lines through them and definately good results with the new background. Keeping that...

Of course, had to throw in one with the "Bleeding Cowboy" font again. Have I mentioned yet that I think that's the coolest font in the world? ;-)


  1. I like the silver one has good balance

  2. Fif- Yeah...I liked that one too. So today...more feedback. Mostly consisting of "never, ever, ever show me that damn Bleeding Cowboy font again" LOL!!!!!!

    Well....something like that anyway.