Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Logo Learnin' Part 3

I spent about 2 hours trying to make this work, choosing fonts and colors. Then realized that, although I'd done a pretty good job of making a cool looking symbol in the middle, I'd just "killed" my whole design because your eye goes right to the middle dot and never to the word "Room" down on the far right hand side.

Plus I just realized, I think it looks just like a hazardous waste sign I've seen before. Ugggggh....


  1. Plus...I think the top of the "R" should be up inside the red so it is "anchored" a bit like the word "upper" is. Too tired to mess with it now...will do it tomorrow.

  2. Nuthin' like a little reverse psychology...DANGER

  3. yeah....well....

    What can I say. The subconscious speaks louder than the conscious at times. LOL! just kidding!! sort of.... ;-)

    I do think it'd be a great logo for a speaker company though huh? ;-)

  4. It reminds me of those 45 rpm discs,you know,the ones you shld never lose ;-)