Sunday, January 18, 2009

Logo Learning Part 5

Lesson of the day...

Sometimes, you just gotta do a thing just for youself!!

Been wanting to do something like this the whole time I've been messing with this project.

Driving me nuts to have to do this someone else's way.

Feeling better now that I got to work it out of my own self. Granted, the fonts aren't exactly right..need to be blended a bit more, but, heck it's good enough for 3:30am.

Has colour, has the letters together "as one", no "bleeding cowboy", heck, what more could they want? ;-)


  1. pretty - i like the color scheme except for pink letters. But what do I know I prefer everything in my life to be brown, rust or sepia. lmw

    Well done

  2. Everything???

    Yeah...the pink isn't quite right. My subconscious and my conscious as a matter of fact, are in a major rebellion against the "make it masculine" mantra I was hearing. LOL!!1

    Seriously, I really could not figure out what colour to use for the lettering. Finally just used that just to be "girly" more than any other reason. If I messed with it more, I'd figure out a different colour for the font.

  3. ok - maybe not everything. My car is red.

    Well .... get this - the design reminds me of the beach, surf boards, bathing suits ..

  4. Cool! Maybe my subconscious wishes I were at the beach! Actually...I'd always rather be at the beach so that's not too big a leap.

    My car is tannish brown.