Thursday, January 22, 2009

Logo Learning - Trends

Good article about the 2008 trends in logo design can be found here at Logo Lounge

Had a great time last night with an artist friend of mine looking at artsy magazines and internet trends. She used to do quite a bit of graphic art work and is an art educator now, so she's well aware of what's popular these days. Look at alot of work with circles, branching, thumbprints, growth and color.

Decided to try looking at some of my own work I've already produced photograpically for design ideas. That truly had never occured to me...We'll see what happens next...

I think I need to at least get a working handle on Adobe Illustrator to do some of the work that people have either suggested or that I want to do with some of the images I already have. But for some reason, Illustrator just seems overwhelming to me. Gotta just get 'er done I guess...


  1. When 'ya get'er done,maybe you can teach me Photoshop ;^)

  2. Ha!! You are a brave man, after seeing the "work" I'm producing! LOL!!

    Actually, I'm moving on to Illustrator now. Finally learned enough to know that's the appropriate application for logo making.

    Need me a book....