Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today's expedition into the art world

Today my friend Lisa and I took the first of a 2 part "Beginning Acrylics" class. It was a great way to spend a couple hours on a Saturday morning. Granted, neither of us is likely to be hanging our stuff at the Tate Modern any time soon...but still, it was a good time.
The instructor, bless him, was really sweet and kept telling us both how great our little birds looked, what a great job we were doing, etc.

All I can say is you can judge for yourself. ;-)

We only got to bring 2 colours, plus white with us and we had to stick to those two colours. That's why everything is green. Also, this is our base coat, not the completed project. Right Lisa? :-)

Next class, in a couple weeks, we'll finish these babies up!

Learned alot, had a great time and that's what really matters anyway! Not the fact that I'm now stuck with a very green bird.
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  1. If you can't have blue,then the green bird of happiness will have to do...."a rose by any other name wd smell as sweet"

  2. Your green birdie looks wonderful on the web. The class was a blast. I can't wait until we complete our paintings since I'm not satisfied with my bird yet. (surprise right). My brown bird is lost in the background right now but Matt thinks it's a masterpiece and can't believe I painted it. The class was great since we were the only two students and I'd like to take more classes, maybe even oil from this instructor. Fun times making memories. Lisa

  3. good one fif...

    yeah lisa, good times.