Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sunday Funnies


  1. As the proud pilot of a white '70 bug, I don't know whether to laugh at or jeer this picture. It's sure to get everyone's attention. It'd be super cool if the head was really a "snapper" and could nip at people!

  2. You drive a bug? Awesome!!
    My first 3 cars were bugs!

    Had one that had a rotted out floorboard. Every time I drove through a puddle I ended up soaked to the skin!

    Another one had no heater so during the winter I'd dress in about 3 layers of clothes, drive a hour to work, go in the bathroom and strip down to my work clothes. Took me about 1/2 the day to warm up.

    Another one caught on fire when the fuel line I'd replaced myself came loose and spilled gas all over the engine. Big fire!

    Then there's this whole story about a sledgehammer which I'll keep to myself in case the person involved in that ever shows up over here. ;-)

  3. Having real snapper power sounds pretty cool. You could go around snapping at those pedistrians that insist on crossing even when they don't have the cross light.
    That would be sooo fun!